How to wear oversize clothes without adding unnecessary kilograms?
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How to wear oversize clothes without adding unnecessary kilograms?

Choosing your outfit is an important part of every day. The clothes you wear to look and feel your best not only affect the way others perceive you, but above all, they affect the way you feel about yourself. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that your daily outfit gives you confidence. In this article we suggest how to wear oversize clothes

Oversize clothes are one of the propositions for a casual outfit. Oversize clothes are one of the most popular choices for a casual outfit. However, by choosing the right fabric and cut you can turn an oversized jacket or blouse into an elegant outfit. Large jackets and scarves are also part of the look. Sporty, elegant, unconventional – there are many possibilities. However, it is important that the large clothes are skilfully combined with other elements of the outfit, so that they do not overwhelm and distort the figure.

Keep it simple

Styling with only oversize clothes is a big art. It is important not only to match specific parts of the outfit, but also to find the right balance between colors, cut and texture of materials. If you do not feel confident in this style or you are just starting your adventure with oversize clothes, bet on one element. A large sweatshirt, wide pants or a large shirt is a good base for further experimentation

An ill-fitting outfit will look sloppy and may distort your silhouette. Casualness and comfort are the advantages of the oversize style, but this does not mean that the look is sloppy and unfashionable. A well chosen style may help you hide some extra kilos. But do not overdo it – putting on many layers of wide clothes can make you look bigger than you really are.

Take care of your size

Oversize clothes are wide and bulky, which makes them look too big. However, it is an intended effect. It is worth remembering not to overdo it and not to choose clothes that are too big. Protruding shoulders in a jacket, pants sliding down from the hips and a jacket, which due to its large size hinders movement and is a denial of freedom and comfort – these are some examples of bad styling of oversize clothes.

In stores you can find specially tailored models, which perfectly fit into the described style, and at the same time still look fashionable and do not disrupt the proportions of the figure

For people with fuller figures

Oversize style is a good choice for people with fuller figure. Wider clothes allow to cover problematic places. In this case it is important to choose the right cut. Dresses with original cuts, which emphasize the waist, are a great idea for styling. It is also important to choose a color and pattern that will optically lengthen or slim your figure

Oversize accessories

Oversize fashion is not only about wide, bulky clothes. Oversize accessories can also be interesting accents in outfits. Large bracelets and necklaces are a great addition to plain, simple dresses. A giant scarf is not only a warm but also a stylish accessory. A large cap in a bright color will enliven a wide down jacket in a neutral shade. The XXL bag is not only a practical tool but also an interesting element of your outfit. What’s more, it will make your silhouette look slimmer. Glasses, earrings, scarves – the choice of accessories is huge.

Style, relaxed and comfortable

Oversize is a fashion trend that allows you to be casual and comfortable in your everyday outfits and still look fashionable and stylish. However, it is important to remember about the right choice of individual elements of an outfit and a few rules, which will allow you to enjoy wide and comfortable clothes.

Unconventional cuts and good quality materials will allow you to create an elegant styling for an official outing. Big sweaters are not only a guarantee of comfort and convenience, but also warmth in colder days. Long, wide sweatshirts and T-shirts are a ready outfit for a walk or going to the store.

Oversize fashion is a perfect choice both for people who opt for classic sets, and for those who like to play with their style.

See how oversize clothes are worn by it-girls:


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