How to wear mini skirts and dresses without accidentally losing style?
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How to wear mini skirts and dresses without accidentally losing style?

Mini skirts and dresses are considered vulgar by many people. However, it is enough to match their cut to the figure and the occasion to make them look extremely elegant. We suggest how to achieve such an effect.

Short history of miniskirts

The creator of the mini skirt is considered to be Mary Quant – a fashion designer born in 1934, who never learned the art of sewing and designing; she was self-taught. At the age of 20, she opened her first boutique in Chelsea, an elegant district of London.

She pioneered the dress code of the same name, which was based on the wearing of blouses with polo collars, dresses similar in appearance to school uniforms, sleeveless dresses, stockings, and flat-heeled shoes. An important date in the designer’s life was 1965, when she traveled to the United States to present 30 different models of miniskirts she had created. The first model to present herself in a short skirt was Twiggy.

How do you wear miniskirts?

What should you keep in mind when styling your mini skirt? First of all, the skirt should fit your body properly. Mini-skirts are ideal for young, slim girls with long legs.

Women with big buttocks, massive thighs and well-developed calves should not wear miniskirts. They will effectively emphasize the flaws of this type of figure. Ladies with a bit fuller figure, who dream of a mini skirt, should look for flared models, which will conceal problematic areas of the figure.

There are several lengths to choose from when it comes to mini skirts. It is a good idea for short girls to wear shorter models. Tall women should opt for slightly longer ones, and women wearing plus size skirts – for those reaching to mid-thigh.

The mini skirt should be matched with the right underwear. The best choice are built-in panties or boxers. A mini skirt will not look vulgar if it is not too tight and see-through. It should also not be matched with short tops with a high neckline. To make an outfit with a mini skirt look elegant, pair it with a jacket.

What shoes go best with this style? As well as with stilettos, they will look good together with ballerinas or sneakers.

Mini dresses – how to style them?

A mini dress is an absolute must have in a closet of every shapely woman. This is an extremely versatile, timeless cut, which never goes out of fashion. This creation is perfect both for a romantic date, and going out for a drink with friends or to a party at a club with friends. As in the case of skirts, also here we can deal with several different lengths, of which the safest is the one to mid-thigh

What styles are mini dresses? Recommended models include flared, which effectively conceal figure flaws, such as massive thighs or large buttocks. Fans of loose, casual styling will certainly like mini dresses made of tracksuit bottoms, which can be matched with sneakers, sneakers or sneakers. A short denim jacket completes the outfit perfectly

When looking for the perfect mini dress for summer, bet on one of the models with a floral motif. It is one of those patterns that never go out of style and suit women of all ages. Also recommended are simple, single-colored mini dresses with a V-shaped neckline. It is a proven way to optically slim the upper body, emphasize bust and elongate the neck.

Here are some inspirations straight from Pinterest:


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