How to wear a leather jacket?
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How to wear a leather jacket?

A leather jacket is a classic that never goes out of style. How to wear it to create original outfits? See for yourself!

A leather jacket has been fashionable for many years and there is no sign of it changing. Very simple or on the contrary, interestingly decorated, with character – there are plenty of models. Thanks to this, every woman can find something in her style. 

The remarkable history of the leather jacket

The leather jacket, which is so beloved all over the world, was invented by American Irving Schott. He named his creation “Perfecto”, just like his favorite cigars. However, this name did not catch on. Several years later, such a jacket began to be called, in honor of the band Ramones – ramones. And this name is still used today. When Schott designed the leather jacket, it found its way onto film sets. It became the favorite item of stars known for their rebellious character – Marlon Brando and James Dean. Therefore, for many years Irving’s design was associated with difficult characters and rebellion. Everything changed in the 1980s, when Jean Gaultier, a designer from France, became more interested in the jacket. Since then, it has permanently entered the fashion showrooms.

Leather jacket – perfect with jeans

A very popular look is the combination of a leather jacket with blue jeans (e.g. ripped and holey), your favorite T-shirt and sneakers. This slightly rebellious style is currently popular not only among young people but also the slightly older ones. It is very comfortable and looks interesting. This look was, is and probably will be on top for a long time. 

Ramones with summer dresses? Absolutely!

Nowadays stylists are encouraged to create unobvious combinations. Matching leather jackets with summer dresses is a hit. It gives a lot of character to the outfit. In this case, the jacket should be unbuttoned to create an artistic, yet well thought-out casual look. Match with heavy black ankle boots or typical summer sandals. 

Leather jacket in elegant version

Elegant shirt and leather jacket? Of course, this combination is also allowed. Nothing stands in the way of wearing a leather jacket in an elegant way. Match it with stilettos – not necessarily black, but red if you like a look with character. 

Black leather jacket can also be worn with pencil dresses or skirts, not necessarily in the same shade. 

After observing what is happening in the fashion world, you can come to the conclusion that there is no wrong combination with a leather jacket. Ramones go well with blouses, shirts, tops, T-shirts and dresses (summer and elegant ones), jeans, shorts and even tailored pants. The hit of the season has to be the leather jacket with one-piece suit, which has been very popular among ladies for several seasons. 

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