4 rules to make sure your makeup can survive the tropical heat

4 rules to make sure your makeup can survive the tropical heat

The high temperatures outside make it hard to maintain a perfect look. The heat can ruin even the most perfect makeup, and leaving the house in full sun often ends up with our face all shiny right away. It turns out that it’s worth modifying your makeup habits a bit in favor of other tricks for the hot summer season. You’ll need a slightly different set of cosmetics and a slight adjustment when it comes to your morning skincare routine. Here’s how to keep your makeup looking great even when it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside

Unfortunately, most makeup products do not tolerate hot conditions well, so it is worth changing the face of your makeup bag for the summer. Products that we apply on our face in July and August should have a lighter formula. Ultra-fine make-up, which does not need many opaque layers, is perfect for this period. It’s also a good idea to wear less makeup because it can easily smudge and look messy. Here are some simple rules to follow even on extremely hot days

4 changes you can make to keep looking beautiful in the heat

Switch from foundation to BB cream

BB creams can be just as opaque as a good foundation or powder, but they have moisturizing properties that are great for when the weather gets hot. Another plus is that BB creams are often enriched with sunscreen to protect against the rays

Waterproof mascara

Another trick that works great during hot weather will be to use a waterproof mascara. This way we can be sure that the mascara will not smudge

Contouring your face with wet products

Face contouring has become a staple of many girls’ daily makeup routine. During the summer, it is best to perform this procedure with products of liquid consistency

Cream eyeshadows

Replace your shadow palette with cream products, which give a beautiful effect and are very long lasting


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