Wedding dress code. What to wear and what to avoid?
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Wedding dress code. What to wear and what to avoid?

How to dress for a wedding? First of all, in such a way as not to overshadow the bride in any way. It is her day and she is the most important. We suggest what to think about when choosing the right outfit and which things are better left out.

Look tailored to the style of the ceremony

Already in the stage of looking for an appropriate outfit it is worth to find out, what style the ceremony will be in. The invitation itself can tell you a lot (sometimes it also mentions the dress code, however in Poland it is not so popular yet), but it is best to simply ask the bride and groom.

It is important as a completely different dress will suit a lavish and elegant wedding in glamour style, a rustic or boho style close to nature and yet another one for a beach wedding or an outdoor or countryside wedding. For example, a ball gown to the ground can look bad when the theme is relaxed and casual.

When shopping, it is also worth considering not only the cut of the dress itself, but also the material from which it is made. In the case of a formal party, refined cocktail dresses made of silk, velvet or georgette, which beautifully reflect the light and can be varied with a variety of decorations, will work better.

What about the white?

When we already know what style is planned for this special day, it remains to choose the color of creation. Here the question usually arises – whether it is appropriate to wear a dress in white or a related color, such as pearl, cream or cream. Sometimes there is a departure from this belief, that white is reserved exclusively for the bride and in this field should not do her competition, but we have a choice of so many different colors, that on this day white can be forgiven.

In a situation, when we are firm fans of bright dresses, beige, nude or powder pink will be perfect.

Is black ok?

On the other hand, many women wonder whether it is appropriate to show up in a black outfit. On this issue, opinions are divided. Some are of the opinion that black should be chosen for a funeral and not for a wedding, while others as much as possible decide on this classic color, which is also ideal for the evening (unless the wedding and reception will be held during the day, then it is better to resign from it).

If you are afraid that you will look too sad, play with accessories – choose interesting jewelry, handbag and shoes. It’s also good to choose a “cheerful” cut of a dress, for example, with cut-out neckline, asymmetrical bottom, frill, etc. You can also always opt for a safer navy blue or gray.

Should I show off my charms or the opposite?

The wedding is an excellent opportunity to wear festive outfits, but definitely out of place are defiant creations, too revealing and emphasizing feminine charms. This is not the time for a tight mini, strongly exposed breasts or completely bare back.

The outfit can emphasize the silhouette, but without exaggeration – if we expose the legs, we cover the cleavage and vice versa. The wedding ceremony is not a party in a club and this must be remembered.

And maybe pants instead of a dress?

Not all of us feel good in a dress and would like to wear pants to the wedding. Is it a good idea? Of course, only under certain conditions. Jeans and black pants are out (as well as all shorts), but elegant pants of a suit cut (with widened or narrowed legs), airy and very wide palazzos and… overalls – an excellent compromise between a dress and pants.

As for the pants and blouse or top, they should be made of high quality materials that will look beautiful during this special time.

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