What materials are best in the winter? We suggest what should be in the composition of clothes, so that you never get cold

What materials are best in the winter? We suggest what should be in the composition of clothes, so that you never get cold

Winter is the time when most of us look for clothes that will protect us from the cold. What materials should we bet on in order not to freeze, even when the temperature outside has dropped below 0 degrees Celsius?

Light dresses, thin tights or see-through blouses will certainly not work in winter. Although they are pretty, they do not protect us against the cold. At this time of year it is especially worth to take care of your closet, to look not only fashionable, but also not to freeze. And as you know, cooling down the body, is not only unpleasant, but can also contribute to various diseases. And this is what everyone is trying to avoid. It is also not true that when the temperature drops below zero, it is necessary to dress on the onion and put on yourself a few blouses or sweaters. However, it is worth focusing on the materials from which clothes and accessories are sewn. It depends on them to a large extent whether we will be warm and comfortable. What fabrics are perfect for winter?

  1. Tweed – perfect for cold days

Cold weather lovers should make sure that their winter closet includes clothes made of tweed. These can be coats, jackets, as well as pants and dresses. Tweed is a Scottish woolen fabric, which is characterized by a quite specific – diagonal weave. It is worth mentioning that one of its promoters was Coco Chanel, who wore a suit made of this material. It is even accepted that this material is a characteristic mark of the British aristocracy. The advantage of this fabric is that it warms very well and allows the skin to breathe

  1. Snow boots are fashionable again!

Sheepskin, or sheepskin to be more precise, was once a life-saver during bitterly cold weather. This season it is back on fashion salons again. Designers willingly return to trends from decades ago. Coats can be of various lengths – from short, through knee-length to ankle-length models. Everyone can choose the perfect cut for themselves. People who care about the environment and animals and are not fond of natural leather can choose synthetic sheepskin. Many interesting models can be found in popular chain stores, such as Reserved, Mango or H&M. Lili Reinhart brand went even a step further and offered its customers a shirt made of imitation sheepskin. Certainly no one will get cold in it!

  1. Woolen sweater is a winter hit

If it is winter, it is also wool, or more precisely woolen sweater. And the best is the one knitted! It can be made of alpaca wool (last season’s hit), sheep and cashmere wool (the most luxurious). Currently, handicrafts are very popular, so it is worth asking our mother or grandmother if she will make us such a sweater. Some brands offer clothes that look as if they were sewn by hand. Dolce&Gabbana offers its customers hats, scarves, cardigans and even woolen handbags made by hand! And although many may be discouraged by the price of a wool sweater, it is worth remembering that it is an investment for years.

  1. Corduroy – another recurring trend

Fashion has come full circle and somewhat forgotten corduroy is back in style. The characteristic ribbed material is very warm, so it is perfect for cold winter evenings. Some designers even encourage to dress in corduroy from head to toe, that is, to combine corduroy pants with a jacket or vest made of this material

  1. Fleece – it always keeps you warm

Speaking about warm materials, it is hard not to mention fleece. It is a synthetic material, which has always been the most popular among older people who value warmth and comfort. Fleece began to appear on fashion catwalks. Fleece blouses, sweatshirts, vests and even pants can be found in many popular chain stores.


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