Gym clothes for everyday? We suggest what to combine sports clothes with outside the training room

Gym clothes for everyday? We suggest what to combine sports clothes with outside the training room

One of the strongest trends this season is the use of sportswear in elegant and casual outfits. This is a great opportunity to play with fashion and go beyond its usual schemes

It turns out that seemingly incompatible elements of clothing can create surprising combinations, in which we will look very stylish. Discover some inspirations, thanks to which you will use your sports clothes not only at the gym

While browsing through the collections for summer 2021 of the biggest fashion houses, you will come across sports-inspired designs in many of them. These are certainly not styles that are suitable for the gym, as designers were keen to combine tracksuits with smart shirts, and sports blouses with midi skirts. This is another reason why you should wear sportswear in an unconventional and original way. Check what you should style your baseball cap, sneakers or sports blouse with. This will give your look a very fashionable touch!

5 sporty items to add to your casual outfit

1. Baseball cap

The baseball cap is an absolute must-have this season and is worn by both men and women. It is great to protect our head during hot weather, but also suitable as an element of an evening outfit. As street fashion shows, a baseball cap can be worn with absolutely anything and still look great. We love the nonchalant, playful look of the baseball cap

2. Cycling caps

Another unquestionable hit of the season are short, tight leggings, which are perfect for bike trips. This piece of swimwear has turned out to be a great fashion accessory, which is used both in casual and elegant outfits. We wear them with crop tops, oversize jackets, stilettos or heavy trappers. Thanks to this outfit we can feel like a model from a fashion magazine

3. Sneakers

Confirming the fact that sporty style is present in fashion this season, there are plenty of trends that have been taken from the training room. Another of them are sneakers, which again we can wear with very different outfits. They go well with casual outfits, but you’ll make a much bigger impression when you pair them with a strapless lingerie dress or a women’s suit. Still, white colored sneakers look the most stylish

4. Sporty sweatshirt

Sporty sweatshirts are not only very comfortable, but they can complement our fashion look in a sensational way. Whatever kind of sweatshirt you have in your closet, try to wear it with a simple skirt or over a glamorous dress. A casual trend, very noticeable also in autumn, will be combining sports sweatshirts with elegant coats

5. Body

Body is not only a comfortable outfit for the gym or jogging, but also a great base for an interesting styling. It can be worn with jeans, pencil skirts or fashionable palazzo pants. Body is suitable both under jacket and under leather jacket

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