How do I care for my sunburned skin?
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How do I care for my sunburned skin?

It is well known that in the summer months leaving the house should be preceded by applying sunscreen on the body. The face should be covered with a suitable filter all year round. However, each of us makes mistakes and in the frenzy of summer craziness forgets about adequate protection against UV rays. The consequences of this are sunburns, are usually red and burning areas on our body. We suggest what steps should be implemented to make the burn as painless as possible, and the skin got the right dose of care

The best cure for sunburned skin is time, because there is no remedy that will cure the problem immediately. However, it is worth using a number of home remedies thanks to which the effects of burns will be less noticeable. It turns out that even basic food products that we have in the refrigerator can be a great remedy that will accelerate the healing process. Sometimes applying chilled buttermilk or slices of green cucumber to a burn can bring more relief than expensive regenerative creams. The best care for burned skin is to make sure it is well moisturized. In this situation, it is advisable not to expose the burned area directly to the sun, a better solution is to wear a long-sleeved linen shirt on the beach. Such an outfit will eliminate the feeling of pain and will slightly cool the body.

Emergency care to help with sunburn

Sunburn is a problem for many people vacationing by the water or conquering mountain trails. Lack of adequate protection causes the skin to become red and painful under the influence of too intensive sunbathing. Then it is necessary to take action to relieve the discomfort and help regenerate the skin

When you notice reddened skin that begins to unpleasantly pinch you can try applying compresses of natural yogurt, buttermilk or slices of green cucumber. These are simple ways to relieve the pain, especially on vacation where access to a pharmacy or drugstore may be difficult

What cosmetics to use for sunburn?

What to do after sunburn? Care after sunburn should be based on adequate hydration of the skin. It is advisable to apply gentle lotions and creams, preferably with a natural composition. It is worth choosing products containing vitamin E, shea butter, aloe, allantoin or D-panthenol, which has a pain-relieving effect. It is worth giving the skin time to regenerate, so it is worth choosing gentle washing agents


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