How do I care for skin dry from air conditioning or heating?
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How do I care for skin dry from air conditioning or heating?

Thermal water, drinking water, face creams, body lotions and… green plants will all help to keep your skin hydrated and get rid of discomfort. How? You can find out in this article! Check it out!

The effect of air conditioning on our skin

Air conditioning is a device that you either love or hate. In summer it perfectly lowers the temperature in the room or in the car, while in winter it quickly raises it. Unfortunately in both cases we cannot avoid one thing – the air conditioning dries out the air and with it our skin. This applies both to the face and body. As a result, we have to contend with red and irritated skin and a feeling of discomfort and unpleasant burning, as well as chapped lips

Staying in an air-conditioned place for a long time is especially problematic for owners of sensitive, vascular, acne and atopic skin. We have prepared a list of tips that you should apply and include in your skin care to eliminate these negative effects of air conditioning.

Your best friend: thermal spring water

Thermal water is a multifunctional product that we usually associate with vacations and the relief we get after sun exposure. It turns out that a bottle is also useful at the desk. Then, whenever you feel that your skin is tight and tightened, you can spray it on your face

A word of caution here – choose thermal water that does not need to be dried later with a tissue. Otherwise, careless movements can spoil your makeup

Thermal water will help you regain adequate hydration of your skin thanks to its active ingredients, but it will also refresh, reduce irritation and erythema.

Water – this time to drink

Skin care is not only about external action, but also internal, such as drinking water. Although we know that we should drink about two liters a day, we tend to skip it. This should not be the case. Drinking water – in small sips but regularly – will hydrate your body and your skin perfectly. You can add mint or lemon to it. Be careful with coffee, which can unnecessarily dehydrate.

Creams and lotions welcome

Applying a face cream in the morning, even before make-up, is an absolute must-have to keep the skin in good condition. Especially recommended are creams with hyaluronic acid, which perfectly protect against the adverse effects of both cold and warm air.

But what about the skin on your hands and neckline, which dry out from air conditioning? It is best to set aside a moment to apply moisturizing body lotion or emollients also on them. Choose lightweight formulas that are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy film on your skin, let alone your clothes

Green plants care for the skin?

Finally, here is one last, rather non-obvious tip. Place a lot of plants in an air-conditioned room, such as ferns, ficus or violas. Why? Green plants moisturize and purify the air.

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