How to care for sensitive skin?
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How to care for sensitive skin?

Our skin requires from us proper care, which consists of several important factors. These will certainly be a healthy and balanced lifestyle, well-chosen cosmetics and good habits. Special care should be given to sensitive skin, which deserves more careful treatment

Sensitive skin is not a disease that you should worry about, it is simply skin that requires more commitment in terms of care. Check out how to take care of this type of skin

We often don’t know we have sensitive skin for a long time until we unexpectedly get a rash or allergy. Delicate skin reacts with redness or irritation to products containing artificial dyes or excessive amounts of preservatives. The best solution is to opt for natural cosmetics that are tailored to our skin type

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7 ways to give sensitive skin a natural glow

Sensitive skin requires special care, mainly in relation to our rituals and daily skin care. Sometimes even seemingly small changes can make problems with irritation or redness disappear. Sensitive skin is characterized by less sebum and a more delicate protective layer. Issues such as makeup removal, facial skin toning and the choice of cosmetics will be crucial and very significant

Cleansing your face

  • Do not wash your face with water or soap, unfortunately this can cause excessive drying of the skin. A better way to cleanse your face is to use a natural oil or micellar fluid
  • Choose cosmetics with a low enough pH. Products that contain a lot of active ingredients and a high pH level can be bad for your skin. Products that contain a lot of retinol, fruit acids or alcohol are also undesirable
  • Always remember to remove your makeup. Even if you are very tired, find the strength to wash off your make-up after a long day. Leaving a layer of foundation and other cosmetics on your face overnight prevents your skin from breathing fully. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to numerous imperfections

Choosing cosmetics

  • It is very important to use sunscreen and all year round, not just in the summer months. Protection from the sun’s rays helps slow down the skin’s natural aging process. It is also a good way to avoid the formation of discoloration and wrinkles
  • Natural cosmetics are a great alternative to traditional drugstore products. Extracts from plants, fruits or herbs can be excellent skin care products that have a lot of sensational properties for the skin
  • When looking for the perfect cosmetics for your skin, it is advisable to avoid the stage of testing different products on your skin and go to a specialist to select them. A visit to a dermatologist or cosmetologist is a great investment, thanks to which the expert will help us choose care products tailored to our individual needs.


  • The appearance of our skin is affected by many factors, but equally important as the use of appropriate cosmetics, is a healthy lifestyle. A complete diet, enough sleep and regular hydration can bring great results that will quickly be visible on our skin

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