How to wear summer dresses in autumn?
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How to wear summer dresses in autumn?

The beginning of autumn does not at all mean that we have to put summer dresses into the depths of the closet. We can still create successful styles with them, which will be fashionable, comfortable and, above all, warm. Especially for women who feel the insufficiency of summer, we have prepared a short guide, in which we suggest how to wear summer dresses in the autumn months.

Summer dress to pants

Nothing prevents you from wearing short summer dresses with pants, thus creating an interesting-looking tunic. To this, just add boots, and in colder weather a coat or jacket. An interesting autumn styling with a summer dress in the lead role is ready!

Summer dress as a vest

Unzipped summer dress can serve as an airy vest in autumn styling! Superimposed on a wool sweater will add lightness to the whole styling and will be an interesting element of the whole outfit.

Summer dress as a kimono

A summer maxi buttoned up can become an interesting kimono in autumn. In this way, we can wear it with pants, and put a favorite top underneath, so that we are not cold. Such styling will certainly be eye-catching, and you will not have to give up your favorite summer dress even in autumn!

Underwear dress in an autumn look

Underwear dress is an absolute hit of the last few summer seasons. However, not everyone realizes that we can easily wear it in autumn as well. Thanks to the fact that they are sewn from thin material, we can easily wear them over a wool sweater. Warm and fashionable – just the way we like it best!

Underwear dress and shirt

If you want to diversify the styling consisting of a wool sweater and underwear dress, we suggest wearing a white oversize shirt on top, and tie the waist with your favorite wide belt. We guarantee that the whole thing will look really stylish!

Summer dress and jacket

A simple summer dress looks good paired with a classic blazer. When you add high-heeled boots or stilettos, you get a styling for an evening out. This season the most fashionable blazers are those with a clearly defined shoulder line – they add elegance and look extremely stylish!

Summer dress and unbuttoned cardigan

For less formal occasions, we suggest the combination of a summer dress and a large wool cardigan. It will keep us warm even on a cool autumn day, and we can enjoy our favorite summer dress. You can tie the whole thing with a belt to keep the shape of your figure.

Summer dress as a skirt

A summer dress in autumn can take on a whole new form! Just put your favorite sweater on it, and then it will become a skirt. Add to it your favorite boots and the styling for an autumn walk is ready!

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