Can a sweatshirt be a component of elegant outfits?
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Can a sweatshirt be a component of elegant outfits?

Fashion allows us to test various combinations, even those that at first glance seem strange and incompatible. Sets of elegant clothes with sporty accents are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Sneakers have become a permanent trend and are more and more often worn with dresses or women’s suits. Is it possible to use a sports sweatshirt in a similar way? Of course yes! All it takes is a bit of creativity to create unique styles for different occasions

Oversized sports sweatshirt is a fashionable element of clothing, models with hoods or sweatshirts with inscriptions referring to those worn by American students are also popular. This type of outfit does not have to be only an element of home outfit, it is enough to wear a dress or a chic coat to give the styling a completely different character. Accessorize with a stylish hat instead of a baseball cap and replace your sneakers with stiletto heels or platform sandals. Sporty sweatshirts are not only suitable for running or walking the dog, so you don’t have to give them up. You just need some inspiration to look at these clothes from a wider perspective. Check what to wear with a sweatshirt to dress in an elegant, yet comfortable and practical way

Sporty sweatshirt with elegant look – check how to do it

Large collars

Sweatshirt does not have to be only a part of sporty outfits. It also looks good when combined with an elegant shirt. Currently big collars are a hit, which will look great when worn on top of a sports blouse worn over the head. To add an elegant character to the whole, it is also worth to let the sleeves of the shirt out and not tuck it into the pants. Such a set can be paired with simple jeans, bell-bottoms or a pencil skirt


Blouses look great with skirts, such as this season’s very trendy floral and animal print dresses. Also on trend are those with girly ruffles. Midi or maxi lengths look best. Match this outfit with clogs or boots with thick soles. This look will also work well with wide-legged cowboy boots. Espadrilles or stiletto sandals are a more subtle choice


The character of an outfit is often determined by accessories. For elegant outfits, sporty shoes should be replaced with more feminine ones, like stilettos, heeled boots or pumps. In combination with sports blouse, it is worth to find a few elements, which will create a bridge between particular parts of your outfit. It may be a hat with a round brim, a scarf woven into the hair, cinching the blouse with a wide belt or wearing gold earrings


A woman’s handbag of an original cut will be a perfect element of an elegant styling. Although it is more common to wear backpacks with a blouse, this time it is worth to put your things in a stylish bag. It can be a bag imitating a mesh, bag or “baguette”, fashionable this season. A trend that will also complement the look in an interesting way is an XL size bag. This cut of handbags can be seen more and more often as part of an evening outfit


A simple way to give your hoodie a more chic look is to wear a simple coat over it. This combination is a great way to look elegant yet comfortable. The best look will be knee-length coats, which can be tied with a belt at the waist. This outfit will go well with over-the-knee leather boots, high-heeled boots, ultra-feminine pumps, stilettos and classic sneakers.


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