How to wear silver and sequins every day?
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How to wear silver and sequins every day?

Silver and sequins certainly add a touch of glamour to any outfit. How to combine them in our everyday outfits without a kitsch effect?


There are many advantages of silver. This precious metal, apart from its aesthetic value, is rarely allergenic and its price is lower than gold or platinum. In itself it has disinfectant properties and does not allow the development of fungi and mold. It is also a very versatile decoration, because it fits most occasions. It works best with cool colors – gray, lavender, emerald, navy blue, blue, purple or khaki. It will also bring out the natural charm and glamour in pink and brown colored clothing. You can wear it with leather jackets, patterned dresses, fur coats and bowler hats because it doesn’t draw as much attention as gold, which avoids exaggerated, fairground effect.

Similarly, silver jewelry is more suitable for women with cool type of beauty. Ladies with dark hair and fair or olive skin will like silver jewellery as much as ladies with mouse hair and sallow complexion.

To incorporate silver jewelry into your outfit you should start with delicate chains and screw earrings. They match perfectly light, airy materials e.g. summer dresses. On the other hand, for heavy, autumn and winter outfits bigger jewelry will suit best. Choose long silver pendant with big, original tag or silver engraved bracelet combined with thick thong.

Is it possible to combine silver with gold?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question. It all depends on our personal taste and preferences. Usually we follow the (nomen omen) golden rule, that for one outfit we choose either gold or silver jewelry. However, in recent years even fashion designers are tempted to create, for example, a bracelet that combines these two materials.

We ourselves may be inclined to this original combination provided we put together jewelry of the same tone and style. A large, impressive silver ring, handed down from generation to generation, may not like a delicate, contemporary gold bracelet.


Sequin clothes are usually associated with clubbing or outfits for New Year’s Eve ball. However, you can easily incorporate them into your everyday looks. Sequin clothes suit everyone. However, it is important to remember about healthy moderation and not to overdo the excess of glitter. For everyday outfits it is recommended to combine the shiny material with something that neutralises its shimmering effect. Over a sequinned blouse layer a cotton blazer or sweater. If you like to look sporty you can add a bomber jacket and sneakers to complete the outfit. A black sequin skirt is the perfect outfit for the office. However, remember to wear a white matte shirt or turtleneck to counterbalance the outfit. Replace shiny stilettos or pumps with suede boots, so that they do not distract from the main point of your outfit.

For informal meetings with friends you may experiment with sequinned pants. Remember to keep your top as toned down as possible and keep your shoes simple.

If you are not comfortable with sequins, go for sparkly accessories to liven up your outfit. Choose a jacket with only sequin accents on the lapels or pockets

Do sequins make you look fatter?

Sequins sometimes make you look bigger, but this is caused by choosing the wrong style. Narrow pencil skirt doesn’t fit wide hips, so it’s better to replace it with trapeze cut dress. The fact that sequins attract attention can be used in a positive way: we can easily and quickly draw attention to the places we want to expose, at the same time drawing attention away from the parts of our figure we prefer to hide. Thus, by wearing a sequined blouse and black straight pants, we can divert attention from fat legs


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