What to mix red color with to look not only sexy but also stylish?
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What to mix red color with to look not only sexy but also stylish?

Red is a strong, sensual color, which some people consider gaudy and offensive. In order to avoid this effect, all you need to do is find the right shade of red for your type of hair and the occasion. We tell you how to do it.

The Meaning and Variations of the Colour Red

Red is one of the most intense and most distinctive colors. According to the psychology of color, it stimulates the human psyche the most. It is an extremely dynamic color and has a strong emotional charge. Red emphasizes feelings such as passion, passion, strength and determination. Bright red relates to love, sexuality and joy, dark – leadership, anger, vigor and willpower.

We can deal with more than a dozen different shades of red. The most popular of these include:

  • Amaranth – a shade very close to pink,
  • Bishops – its name comes from the color of bishops’ robes. Like amaranth, this shade resembles pink,
  • Crimson – is a dark, expressive variety of red with a subtle touch of blue,
  • Scarlet – a combination of red with a touch of brown. It is very similar to maroon,
  • Cherry – a dark shade between red and brown.

Who suits red color?

Clothes in red color can successfully wear any woman. The only thing you need to take care of is matching the shade of clothing to your beauty type. Fair-skinned women with dark hair and dark eyes look best in rich, bold red shades of red like crimson or blood red. This works well for bringing out the color of the iris.

Ladies with fair skin, hair and eyes should look for clothes in subtle, delicate shades of red on the store shelves. This category includes coral, scarlet and poppy.

What about redheads with freckles? Red hair colour tends to be brick red, orange red, bright red or rusty red.

What to Wear Red With?

How to Style Red Clothes with Red? If you prefer a safe, classic and timeless look, team it with black. This is a sure way to show your confident and strong character. How may you wear this look? For example, a great combination will be a red, knee-length pencil dress, with a black, slim-fit jacket and stiletto heels of the same color. This outfit is perfect both for work and for a date.

Red can also be easily matched with white, which may appear both on clothes and accessories. A set consisting of a white shirt, red jacket and black cigarette shoes will look very elegant. Another suggestion is a red, flared dress, white, short sweater, and corals.

Black and white are not the only colors with which you can combine red. Lighter shades of red will go very well with navy blue. This color is an interesting alternative to red and suits people of all ages. It effectively lightens the complexion and makes wrinkles less visible.

We may also come across slightly darker shades of red like burgundy or maroon. What should I wear them with? You may pair them with muted greens such as crimson, olive or khaki. Nothing stands in the way of pairing dark red with steel gray, flesh pink or shades of denim blue. What about warm reds such as orange, tomato, poppy or strawberry red? These look best with dark greens, oranges, yellows and warm browns – toffee, caramel and chocolate.

Do you want to create a super trendy look? Don’t forget about the once forbidden duo of red and pink, which is now the king of trends!

Here’s a pinch of inspiration straight from Pinterest:


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