The perfect makeup for autumn - what to follow?

The perfect makeup for autumn - what to follow?

Autumn makeup has its own rules. After delicate, pastel make-ups comes the time for slightly more characterful and expressive colors. What trends will reign this season? We have collected 5 of the most popular makeup trends that will often appear on our faces.

Nude or black on the eyelashes

For many women, mascara is a basic cosmetic without which they can’t imagine makeup. Even if they don’t paint themselves, mascara is the item they can’t imagine leaving the house without. We took a look at how eyelashes are styled at fashion shows by brands such as Valentino, Acne Studios, Balmani and Erdem. Interestingly, they opted for a complete absence of mascara on the models’ lashes. Will this trend penetrate our everyday life as well?

However, there are designers who have opted for the well-known and well-loved classics. Eyelashes of models of fashion houses Bronx & Banco, GCDS and Armani were painted with black mascara. So if you are afraid of makeup novelties, you can bet on the traditional way of emphasizing the look.

Colorful eye makeup

Do you associate summer with a whole palette of juicy colors? From now on, this is how autumn will also be associated! Colored shadows on the eyelids is a trend that will be in force in the autumn-winter 2022/23 season. What colors will reign in makeup, we were informed by fashion designers at their shows. Valentino opted for a shade of barbiecore, Saint Laurent for a luscious cobalt, and lighter shades of blue were favored by Kendall Jenner herself. If you’re afraid of colorful makeup, try smuggling in a bit of color as an accent: a colorful line would be perfect for a good start!

Cat eyes

If you were wondering what eye shape will dominate makeup for the coming months, we rush to help! The autumn-winter 2022/23 season will be a return to the classics. After all, the simplest solutions are the best. One of them is precisely the cat eye, which will be the way to the most fashionable make-up of the season. A bold black line is a trend promoted by Eudon Choi, Roberto Cavalli and The Blonds. Slightly more daring makeup artists opted for a cat eye in color, which breathed a bit of freshness into the trend.

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes makeup is ideal for evening outings, although depending on our style, we can also wear it every day. Smoky eye is an absolute hit for the coming season. This type of eye shading probably doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. This is the most common type of makeup chosen by most women. If you haven’t dealt with it yet, there are certainly plenty of tutorials on the Internet that will help you create the perfect smoky eyes. Once you paint your eyes this way, you can never imagine doing any other makeup again!

Geometric lines

Geometric eyeliner is a trend for those who like to go a little more artistic. Esy-flores on the eye, made with colored eyeliners, is a way to make makeup fashionable and interesting. Eyeliners can be used on the eyelid, as well as above and below it. We are limited only by our imagination: the more shapes and colors, the better!

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