How do you make the perfect spike? It's easier than you think

How do you make the perfect spike? It's easier than you think

The braided hairstyle adds a romantic touch to any hairstyle. Braids have long ceased to be associated with little girls. On the contrary, they are often combined with very fashionable outfits. On the contrary, we often combine braided hairstyles with fashionable outfits. A big advantage is that braided hair is very versatile and can be styled for special occasions as well as everyday wear. Many physically active people braid the hairdo when going to the gym or practising yoga. The braided hairstyle keeps the hair out of the way while you are exercising. We tell you how to create the perfect braid in just a few minutes. Note: The important element for this hairstyle is to practice long enough. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time

The spike is a beautiful hairstyle for people with long or mid-length hair. There are a number of ways to create it, whether you want your hair to look perfect, with no stray hairs escaping the braid, or you prefer an artistic, messy braid. No matter which type of braid you choose, this is a hairstyle that gives you charm and feminine subtlety. It looks beautiful with folk, ethno or boho hairstyles. More and more often, we can be spotted wearing this braided hairstyle at the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses. Here is how you can create your own braided hairstyle. We explain step by step how you should prepare and braid your own hair. See how easy it is!

Step by step how to create a braid

  1. Starting at the roots, the hair is tied into a high ponytail
  2. Separate a thin section of hair from one strand and wrap it around the opposite strand. It is important to move it over the strand you are holding in your other hand. Wrap a strand of hair around the other strand of hair
  3. Keep braiding one strand of hair over the other strand until you reach the end of the strand
  4. The braided hair strand is then tied with an elastic at the bottom


Main Photo: Christian Vierig/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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