What color clothes will work perfectly with your skin? We give you a hint!
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What color clothes will work perfectly with your skin? We give you a hint!

Warm, cool or natural – find out which of the three color types you are and which shades bring out your assets and enhance your beauty. It is not that difficult but certainly very helpful!

Colors play an important role in our lives. They are able to influence our mood, emotions and at the same time they allow us to express our personality and emphasize our character and style.

However, we should keep in mind that not every color will look good on us. How many times have you tried on a beautiful blouse, but looking at yourself in the mirror, something obviously didn’t fit? Or maybe you wore a shawl in a certain shade and suddenly your face gained more life and energy? It’s all about colors.

Incorrectly matched to our complexion and skin they can blur us, overwhelm us, make us look bad or even as if we were ill. On the other hand, perfectly matched colors can beautifully emphasize our beauty. We tell you how to tell if you are a warm, cold or neutral type and what shades you should choose to look good. This knowledge will certainly come in handy during your next closet and outfit search.

Warm skin type

Your skin has a warm tone if it is greenish, yellowish or olive. Pay attention to your veins: they should be slightly green. Also, people with warm skin tones tan easily and without burning – they turn golden or brown instantly. As for natural hair color, it usually ranges from dark blonde to dark brown.

These are the colors for you

Which color palette suits you best? Definitely go for honey gold, amber, red, and orange as well as warm shades of yellow, coral, or peach. Try olive, fern and moss green, warm purple and orchid. For a more subdued color palette, look for cream, latte and gray-brown.

You may be inspired by Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé. Their hairstyles may help you avoid any doubts.

Avoid these shades

Get rid of cool and pastel shades of clothes from your closet, as well as precious stone colors – sapphire, ruby, amethyst. Wearing them will give you a tired and dull complexion.

Cold skin type

Here the situation is just the opposite. The complexion has blue undertones, as do the veins (these can also be slightly purple). Hair can be dark, even black or blonde. When it comes to tanning, on the other hand, it is quite difficult, as the skin turns red easily and takes a long time to gain a darker shade.

These are the colors for you

For the cold type the best shade is blue – light blue, blue, sapphire, but also emerald and the mentioned amethyst and ruby. Also cold purple and lavender, light pink and cherry, and even light yellow will look good. You can also choose gray, navy blue and white, especially for formal outfits.

Avoid these shades

Stay away from all saturated shades of orange, red, and yellow. These hues definitely do not suit you and will only detract from your overall look.

Perfect examples of women with cold beauty are Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett. Their outfits are usually very well chosen.

Neutral beauty type

There is still an intermediate option, so to speak, which is neutral, where it is difficult to clearly determine whether you are the warm or perhaps cold type. The skin has both undertones and the hair may be brown with warm undertones or blonde with a hint of ashen. Most people with neutral beauty have hazel-beige eyes.

These Colours are Right for You

Most colors work well in your closet, especially neutrals like dirty pink, dull blue, light peach and calm green. There are also all grays and vanillas. If you prefer stronger colors, then juicy red will be the best choice.

Avoid these shades

In this case, avoid cobalt or crimson – these bright colors are too saturated. Just like too bright yellow or red.

Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie are among those with a neutral beauty. Both ladies can be seen in different color combinations.


Main Photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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