How to style a corset so you don't look like the heroine of a Victorian movie?

How to style a corset so you don't look like the heroine of a Victorian movie?

Currently a strong trend inspired by high fashion are lingerie elements, which we wear in combination with jackets or unbuttoned shirts. A very interesting addition this season may be a stylish corset. Most of us have abandoned wearing corsets in our outfits and this item of clothing was more often seen as part of a Halloween costume than as part of a fashion outfit. This may change now, as lingerie has become a very stylish accessory, so it is worth checking out how you can wear this seemingly archaic feminine outfit in a more modern way

The corset can be a great base for fun, charming and at the same time a bit mysterious styling. If you haven’t noticed yet that the Bridgerton-like striking garment is a very strong trend this season you should catch up as soon as possible. The Bridgerton jumpsuit is the choice of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Kendall, Jen Jen, and others: Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner or the Hadid sisters. Some may find this lingerie accessory intimidating but we have prepared a few tips to help you get inspired and create your own style

Corsets go well with holiday outfits, but they are also perfect as work attire (paired with a blazer or worn over a white shirt). It is a fantastic choice as an outfit for a date or a meeting with friends. Check out the corset styling ideas you can find on Instagram

Some inspirations how corsets are worn by famous influencers


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