Summer has arrived and we suggest how to look slimmer in a swimsuit
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Summer has arrived and we suggest how to look slimmer in a swimsuit

The vacation and travel season is in full swing. Whether you are at the seaside, the lake or on your own balcony, you want to look good in your swimsuit. Use our tips – they are tried and tested and they work!

Choose a swimsuit that suits your figure

First of all, focus on the choice of the swimsuit itself. We all have different proportions, different bodies, and what works for one of us may not work for another. We took under consideration four main types of figures – which cut will look best on them? We need to know this if we want to look nice and slim.


Shoulders and hips are the same width, and a slim waist – the hourglass is the most desirable and feminine silhouette, even ideal. Because of its great proportions, most swimsuits will look fantastic on this figure.

Accentuate your waist with fashionable cut-outs or a very deep (pointed) neckline. High-waisted bottoms are also a hit. You may also try bold colors or crazy patterns.


Here shoulders and breasts are wider and hips narrower. Additionally, belly is a problematic area, so turn attention away from it by masking possible folds.

We recommend tankinis (a swim top and briefs), plain one-piece swimsuits, without patterns and appliqués. Another excellent choice are modeling swimsuits, whose construction is well thought out so as not to restrict movement in any way, but to hide a protruding belly at the same time.


The disproportion of this silhouette is that the shoulders and bust are narrower than the waist and lower body. To even them out, draw the eyes precisely to the shoulders and cleavage – with patterns, colors and frills, bardots.

As far as panties are concerned, go for smooth, high-waisted, dark and without patterns. Avoid models tied at the sides, as they will only add unnecessary inches in this area.


This is a boyish figure type, without clear cuts, where shoulders, waist and hips are almost of equal width. So focus on emphasizing the strategic areas for a more feminine figure. There is nothing to stop you from going wild with patterns, appliqués, fringes, belts and colors.

As you can see, some figures benefit more from dark colors, cut-outs, high waists, deep necklines or intense patterns and various frills. The most important thing, however, is to measure, because it may turn out that the theoretically perfect swimsuit just doesn’t fit you well, even though it should.

Wear your beachwear and accessories

There are many different types of swimwear to complete your swimsuit – dresses, pareos, cover-ups, short, long, colorful, patterned, solid, see-through, openwork. The possibilities are endless, so use them to create an interesting outfit. By the way, you will divert attention from your figure and cover any imperfections. Very popular are airy and flowing fabrics, which add softness, charm and flutter in the wind.

Don’t forget about accessories – a hat (especially one with a big brim), a turban, sunglasses, a woven basket and sandals (even better if they are slightly elevated). They will also make you look better.

Always stand up straight, so don’t slouch

Posture has a huge impact on your body, but also on how others perceive you. How to look slimmer? Straighten your back, don’t slouch, lift your head and push your breasts out. Otherwise you may look a bit sluggish.

Show off your… neck

By the way, here’s a trick that will instantly add inches to your height and make you appear taller and slimmer. How to do it? Gather your hair in a high ponytail or bun and expose your neck. Loose strands of hair should be worn especially if your shoulders are rather broad and bulky.

A suntan works well

Last but not least, here is one more tip. The body looks young and slim when it is lightly bronzed. There’s a reason why we use bronzer on our faces-it’s to sculpt our features, giving a shadow effect and making our cheeks, nose and forehead look narrower.

The same goes for tanning beds. Fortunately, you can get such an effect using bronzing cosmetics, or perhaps by deciding on spray tanning. We don’t recommend solariums or “frying” in the sun, especially not with high sunscreens.

The dot over the “i” will be lubricating the body with oil or lotion with illuminating particles, which will beautifully reflect the light and give the body three-dimensionality.


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