Do you know what makeup trends were in effect the year you were born?
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Do you know what makeup trends were in effect the year you were born?

The years go by and trends change. Have you ever checked how women painted themselves the year you came into the world? Check it out and… get inspired!

Trends are always changing

New year, new fashion and makeup trends. Everything changes and it has its charm. For example, in 2021 the glow effect and the use of black eyeliner are among the top trends. Lip liner is also making a comeback and fiery red lipstick is still in vogue. But let’s go back in time and check out the make-up trends of the year you were born.

Crazy 80s.

The 1980s continue to inspire – in terms of music, fashion and lifestyle. What were the makeup trends like? One thing’s for sure – there was a lot going on!

1982 is remembered in the beauty industry as the year of pink. Any lover of the color would have been right at home in those years. Do you love pink eye shadow and blush? You would have been right there in those days – without a doubt! 1983 was the time when the now world famous singer Madonna showed up with purple lipstick on her lips. Her girlfriends today are totally crazy about the color.

1984 r. – actress Brooke Shields promotes the natural brow look. Tweezers were not particularly popular at the time. 1985 is the year when nude lips enter the trend. Do you know Cyndi Lauper? The singer who launched her hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in 1984 was crazy about colourful make-up and spread this passion to her fans. Yellow eye shadow and red lips – it was a hit. The year 1987 saw the return of red lipstick, this time in a slightly glossy version.

The end of the 80s and the year 1988 were the moments when the world admired Princess Diana. She, in turn, used blue eyeliner. The following year, brown lipstick reigned supreme

The 90s with lip liner and tan

Women delighted in contouring their faces in makeup. Besides, in 1992, it was believed that the thinner the eyebrows, the better. The year 1993 saw the triumph of the lip liner. If you like your make-up as natural as possible, it would make sense to go back to 1994. Liv Tyler was the one to follow this trend. A year later, white eyeshadow was introduced. In 1996, Winona Ryder showed the world frosty lips . Despite its winter connotations, this was a really hot trend! In 1997 , metallic eyeshadows were added to the set.

The frosty associations in make-up were abandoned in 1998. 1998 saw a complete turn towards summer and tanning. Gold and browns in makeup had their time! 1999 gave us smoky eyes, which are still in fashion today.

The year 2000 – a time for color

We enter the 2000s with style icon Gwen Stefani and her favourite blue eye shadow. One thing is for sure, with this makeup everyone will stand out in the crowd. The year 2001 saw the popularity of purple eyeshadow, and in 2002 the glossy effect was the most popular. In 2003 women could not do without black eyeliner. And a year later the whole world was looking at Jessica Simpson and her baby pink lips! We will end our list in 2005 with Rihanna and the copper-orange lipstick color.


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