4 ideas for a Christmas and New Year manicure

4 ideas for a Christmas and New Year manicure

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a time when you should take care of your hands. It is good to bet on the right manicure, which can spice up any look and make you feel beautiful, well-groomed and confident. Here are some ideas.

Classic red

As we all know, red is timeless. Especially on nails! Red nails look beautiful on the hands, and additionally go with almost every style. These long, slightly rounded definitely optically elongate the fingers. Furthermore, what color reminds us of Christmas, if not red?

Full of Glitter

Glittery nails for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? This is it! If you’ve been thinking about getting a glitter manicure all year, you can go for it now. If you don’t want all of your nails covered in glitter, opt for accents on one or two nails only.

Timeless beige

For the less daring of you we have something calm and delicate – beige with gold elements. The golden color is also associated with holidays and New Year’s Eve. Moreover, such a manicure goes well with any style and makes your hands look highly groomed

Full color

If you’re not afraid of bold nail art, go wild with color! Do manicures in different colors, each nail can be different. This kind of nail art might be associated with summer, but nothing more mistaken. Each of us in winter also deserves a bit of madness!

main photo: JESHOOTS.COM/unsplash.com

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