And that’s where I come in – all in beige. We tell you how to wear bright total looks in autumn
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And that’s where I come in – all in beige. We tell you how to wear bright total looks in autumn

Total look is one of those trends which are not only universal and timeless, but also automatically add a touch of fashion chic to our outfits

This autumn it is worth betting not only on outfits in classic colors, but also on playing with more intense shades. Wearing total looks is very simple yet effective. Here are some style inspirations for you

Building a total look does not have to involve a lot of shopping and investing in new clothes. After going through your closet, you may find that you have plenty of models, thanks to which you can create phenomenal combinations, both for work and for special occasions. Basing your outfit on black or white from head to toe will certainly add elegance and chic to the whole outfit

This season, outfits based on neon green, lilac purple or strong red colours are sure to be a hit. Each total look can be complemented with silver or gold jewelry. Check which stylish combinations will pass the fashion test in autumn 2021!

5 Ways to Style the Total Look for Fall

1. Avant-garde style

Total looks are perfect for outfits inspired by grunge fashion and avant-garde style. Use leather elements e.g. in the form of an oversized jacket or long coat. Heavy platform shoes – so trendy this season – will also look great. Match with simple pants and a basic T-shirt or hoodie. Don’t forget to wear a woolen hat or baseball cap on cold days.

2. Pure elegance

There is no better way to look elegant and chic than using a fashion trick in the form of a total look. This is a great idea when we are looking for a style for a date, an important business meeting or even a wedding. You can create this total look by choosing a women’s suit in an interesting shade or a stylish suit with a jacket of the same color. Choose the right shade of outfit according to your beauty type. For this purpose you may want to use a color analysis service.

3. Classics

Looking for inspiring outfits for the autumn days, we recommend checking out the profiles of Scandinavian fashionistas. Their fashion sense is based on minimalism and timeless cuts. A woolen coat combined with a warm turtleneck or sweater is sure to make a casual autumn look

4. Inspiration from the 1990s.

This season, the fashion industry is once again turning to trends from the 1990s. Back then, it was very stylish to wear denim in different variations. This autumn, go for denim from head to toe. A denim shirt combined with wide-legged pants will be a style hit. This type of outfit will go well with cowboy boots, which have been very fashionable for a few seasons now.

5. Sporty look

The last tip for wearing total looks in autumn is to use comfortable clothes from your closet. Pandemic has probably made each of us invest in a pair of new sweatpants and sporty sweatshirts in the last year. Another outfit idea is to use ultra-trendy bikers. Pair the one-color ensemble with white sneakers


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