Are bell-bottoms the hit of the season - how do the stars style them?

Are bell-bottoms the hit of the season - how do the stars style them?

After being forgotten for many years, bell-bottoms are back in style again. They are the hit of the coming season. How to wear them and look like a star?

Fashion is always moving in circles. The much-loved skinny jeans have to step down from the podium to make way for bell-bottoms. The bell-bottomed cut is back and with a bang! 

Unusual history of bell-bottoms

Bells had their heyday in the 70’s. At that time they were mainly associated with hippies, individualism and pacifist movements. Few people know, but at that time bell-bottoms were supposed to symbolize opposition to rigid, top-down standards, consumerism, etc. Even when the era of flower children passed, bells were still eagerly worn by both men and women. With time, however, they were supplanted by trousers and then, especially fashionable in recent years, by tube pants. Now, however, they will be back in fashion. Their undoubted advantage is that this cut fits almost every woman, regardless of figure, and optically lengthens the legs and slenderizes the figure. 

How are bell-bottoms styled by modern stars and celebrities?

Recently on Instagram Anna Lewandowska, a well-known personal trainer and wife of footballer Robert Lewandowski, appeared in her photo in brown fabric bell-bottoms. To this, the star chose a short, tight top revealing a muscular belly. The casual yet not cliché version is very successful in our opinion! This outfit can also be made more official with a jacket, for example. 

Izabela Janachowska, dancer and wedding expert, opts for an elegant combination of fabric bell-bottoms with a jacket. The outfit in blood red undoubtedly looks very elegant and feminine. She also chose cream high-heeled shoes with a popular top. 

Ladies who like it classic may wear bell-bottoms, just like singer Agnieszka Chylińska. The star opts for typical jeans pants and matches it with an interesting, patterned jacket and a scarf or neckerchief. The style is original but not overdone. 

Some celebrities opt for a slightly shorter, ankle-length version of bell-bottoms. This is quite an original solution and we must remember that it works only for tall women, because such a cut optically shortens the figure. This model was chosen by Malgorzata Socha, who paired it with a denim katana, and singer Monika Brodka, who matched it with a black jacket and a sophisticated hat. 

Bell-bottoms with slits? Why not! Singer Natalia Szroeder decided on this style. She also chose a large jacket and high-heeled shoes. She also chose shoes with the top sticking out of the leg, which was fashionable many years ago. One can suspect that these shoes go hand in hand with the bells, just as they used to.

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