Naked dress - how are celebrities styling it?

Naked dress - how are celebrities styling it?

Naked dress is admittedly a risky solution, but with the right fit you can create a really striking and unusual styling, which will allow you to stand out from the crowd. This model of dress is loved by celebrities, it is worth taking an example from them. Let’s see how they wear a dress that does not leave too much to the imagination!

Naked dress, or almost naked in celebrity style

Every celebrity tries to stand out somehow. Many of them then bet on controversy. And what still causes people’s disgust? Nudity, of course, and that in broad daylight. The naked dress, which really shows a lot of flesh, will fit perfectly into this scheme. It is then worth ensuring that the underwear underneath it is delicate and perfectly presents the qualities of the figure. How do celebrities wear this cut?

Naked dress for big outings

Celebrities often choose to use a naked dress for big outings, such as the Grammy gala or the Oscars. At that time, versions embellished with crystals reign supreme, which are designed to hide the lack of underwear. As a rule, they are very tight-fitting and really make a stunning impression. From a distance it even looks as if the stars are clad in crystals themselves. Naked dresses also look great in combination with black. Only selected parts of the body can then be exposed, while those intimate sectors remain covered.

How to wear a naked dress on a daily basis?

Naked dresses can be used for everyday attire, as well as for club styling. However, you need to match them with the right shoes and accessories. Some celebrities, especially those from the United States, choose just such proposals, which they cleverly combine with glans, trappers, bright sneakers and denim jackets. Underneath is then a very sexy and striking undergarment, not infrequently heavily cut panties or even thongs, preferably with an elevated top. Dresses are often short-sleeved or strapless, but you can also find very sexy versions with a back neckline and long sleeves, as well as knee-length. Such dresses are often used for evening outings. All you need to do is add heeled flip-flops to them and nonchalantly throw a jacket over your shoulders. Celebrities have also initiated the wearing of naked dresses on the beach. You can then throw it over your swimsuit and match it with a large bag, huge glasses and a baseball cap, which is currently the hit of the season. Such a look will make no one pass by you indifferently.

Naked dress – what model to choose?

Naked dress is a dress that glorifies a well-groomed body, but it can be worn by women of different sizes and heights. This is proven by celebrities, who, regardless of whether they have a fuller shape or a boyish figure, like to choose this model. For everyday wear, dark color versions are perfect, which leave a hint of mystery and simply look better in combination with underwear. Therefore, if you have a choice, bet on a black naked dress. The cut should be adjusted according to the occasion and what cut suits your figure.

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