The classic trench coat in a celebrity look? How are celebrities styling it?

The classic trench coat in a celebrity look? How are celebrities styling it?

The classic trench coat is a coat that women all over the world eagerly reach for. Its timeless cut means that it never goes out of style, and what’s more, it can be worn in countless ways, making it suitable for any occasion. Today we take a sneak peek at how the world’s biggest stars wear it. Join us for a handful of fashion inspiration!

Hailey Bieber and simplicity in an autumn look

Hailey Bieber’s style is imitated by girls all over the world. They are inspired by the model’s extraordinary sense of taste and accurate following of trends. In Hailey’s closet there was a place for a classic trench coat, which is one of her favorite coats.

Meghan Markle’s minimalism

Good old fashion minimalism will always defend itself! This is proven, for example, by Meghan Markle herself, whose styling is always simple, classic and therefore compelling. Not long ago, we could see her in a beige trench coat paired with a simple black dress. As you can see, this type of coat will work for any occasion!

Kendall Jenner’s leather trench

Leather trenches are the latest fashion scream! Kendall Jenner, who stocked up on her copy some time ago, knows this well. One of the better-dressed celebrities in the world juxtaposed it with classic jeans and a white top. The atmosphere of the whole styling was added by dark glasses. This styling is very impressive!

How to wear a trench coat to look fashionable?

As shown by world stars, the classic trench coat does not need any phenomenal setting. It looks best with minimalist styling. Its incredible advantage is that you can wear it with anything: pants, dresses, skirts and even sporty styles.

For an autumn outing to a plain coat, it is worth wearing a patterned shawl, which will undoubtedly enliven the whole styling. Add to it a handbag slung on the bias and you are ready!

main photo: Kotliarenko

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