We take a closer look at the trench and see how celebrities style it

We take a closer look at the trench and see how celebrities style it

Timeless and versatile, this is how to describe the trench coat, which for years has appeared on fashion catwalks and is a popular element of street fashion. It adds class and chic to any outfit, and can be worn in countless ways – with a belt, with rolled sleeves, choosing styles of equal length. It goes well with dresses, jeans and can also be worn with a sporty outfit. Which celebrities wear it most often?

Coats were designed nearly 2 centuries ago and are the most popular model of coat, which is chosen by women around the world. After such a time is an element of clothing, which can be successfully called a cult. It is worth having at least one copy in your closet, because it is a practical outer garment, which emphasizes the assets of the figure. Not everyone knows that this type of coat was initially worn mainly by soldiers at the front during the First World War. At the time, they were made by Aquascutum and Burberry, the latter of which still sells little-changed models today

Which stars look phenomenal in the trench coat?

Julia Wieniawa

Julia Wieniawa is a true fashionista who knows her fashion and trends very well. However, from time to time, we see her in something more classic. Here she looks fantastic in a beige knee-length coat. Match it with simple jeans and flip-flops with a small heel and you’ve got yourself a sensational outfit!

Kendall Jenner

A leather trench? Why not? Kendall Jenner, one of the best-dressed celebrities in the world, who is watched by millions, has opted for such a model. Leather is still very much on trend, so make sure to include it in your outfits

Meghan Markle

Another woman whose way of dressing is adored by multitudes of fans. Many people regret that the ex-princess withdrew from public life and we cannot observe her more often in phenomenal styles. Here is a classic beige coat combined with a simple cream dress. A seemingly simple combination but it has a great effect

Hailey Biber

Hailey Biber is slowly becoming a true style icon who sets trends and who is followed by many girls. The model has her own original style, which she combines perfectly with current trends. Here in an oversized tench she looks very stylish, even though she put on simple jeans and a white top.


Main photo: Streetstyleshooters/ German Select/ Getty Images

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