7 fashion tricks that members of the royal family like to use
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7 fashion tricks that members of the royal family like to use

Women members of the royal family do not have it easy when it comes to their dress code. They are bound by a dress code. However, they have their own ways to make sure that they look their best.

Stand out in color

On many occasions we have seen Queen Elisabeth’s hairstyles that definitely stand out from the crowd and it is not about her height. The Queen measures 163 cm (5’4″), yet she can be seen from miles away and never goes unnoticed.

The reason for that are her clothes in intense, bright colors – cobalt, blue, green, pink, raspberry. It is also the favorite of the British, that is Kate Middleton.

Tights with… silicone

One of the main rules of the royal dress code is tights, or stockings. Even in the hottest weather you cannot have bare legs.

Unfortunately, there is one catch – tights are quite slippery, which can make your feet “fly” in shoes or even fall off. The solution is non-slip trims, which definitely make walking easier and there is no fear that the shoe will slip off.

Nude stilettos

The styling of women from the royal court is supposed to be neat and always fit the occasion. No matter what dress or skirt they choose, nude stiletto heels are the perfect complement.

They work well not only on every day, but also during official events. They slenderize the legs, feel like a second skin, and at the same time are not too conspicuous. Moreover, Kate Middleton wears the same pair many times, promoting the idea of sustainable fashion.

Shoes that are a size too big

While on the subject of shoes, there is one more trick that is used not only at the royal court, but also on the red carpet and at official galas.

It is about wearing shoes one size bigger than you normally wear. Why? During long walking and standing in high stilettos your feet may swell, which will cause a lot of pain, chafing and blisters. It’s better to take it easy at first so you don’t suffer later.

Hand weights? No, on your dress!

The weather, especially in the UK, can play tricks on you and there are often strong winds. Unfortunately, flowy and flowing dresses and skirts like to be lifted.

Members of the royal family can’t afford for such an awkward situation to happen or – worse – for it to be photographed and released to the media. Therefore, the lower parts of their outfits are weighted down with special weights. This keeps everything precisely in place.

The Hat Helper Held with a Comb

A similar problem is with headgear, which is an indispensable part of the royal closet. Hats and toques have no right to move, let alone fall off.

How to remedy this? Simply choose models with built-in combs or pins to hold them in place over your hair and keep your look impeccable. Then you don’t have to be afraid of strong gusts of wind or bending over.

The Hairnet

You need to keep your hairstyle as neat and tidy as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes unruly strands of hair may escape from our chignon. Members of the royal family have a great solution for this. It is the almost invisible to the naked eye fine mesh applied to the pinned up hair, which will stop every escaping strand and the whole chignon in its place.

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