Advice on how to choose the right foundation for your skin’s needs
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Advice on how to choose the right foundation for your skin’s needs

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One of the most important things in the art of make-up, is that the make-up we create looks natural. It’s not about colored shadows or intense red lips, of course, but about choosing the right base, foundation or bronzer. After all, no one wants to have a mask-like effect on their face, right?

So how do you choose the right foundation for you? There are several important factors to consider. First of all, what is the shade of your skin. Also important is how “moisturized” your skin is and whether your skin needs any extra help.

Too light or too dark

Many women have experienced the dilemma of choosing the right foundation color. Contrary to what you may think, the most popular drugstore brands do not have such a wide variety of colors, especially if your skin is dark or particularly light. Fortunately, it’s becoming more common to vary your foundation by even a tone towards cooler or warmer skin tones (a great example of this is Fenty foundation, of which there are few who can’t find their shade). What’s the best way to test foundation? The best place to start is on your neck – apply two or three swatches that seem to best match your skin tone and wait a minute or two. Why Because a lot of foundation needs to oxidize before you can see the true color on your body. Then you can easily compare which shade is definitely yours.

Think about your skin type

You must have heard many times that you have dry, combination or oily skin, right? It’s very important to be aware of your skin’s vulnerability to pollution and dryness – you won’t be able to find the right foundation without it. It’s also important to know that in addition to individual predisposition, many factors influence how your skin is. There may be those that you can’t do anything about, such as age (for example, the younger you are, the more likely you are to have oily skin that causes various types of blackheads), but there are also those that you can influence, such as your diet, the amount of water you drink daily or the skincare regime you use. If you have dry skin, take care of it by applying a moisturizing mask once or twice a week. Also, choose the right makeup remover. Your skin care really is in the details. A great example of a brand that has different foundations depending on your skin preferences would be Loreal.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, your foundation should not be too heavy, but rich in nourishing ingredients. Many women with dry skin forgo foundation altogether, opting instead for BB creams – it all really depends on the time of year and how heavily you apply makeup. Foundation for dry skin must not strip away moisture, disturbing the skin’s lipid layer. Instead, it has a creamy formula that is great for evening out skin tone – it’s very important that you don’t see any dry skin right away because then you’re defeating the purpose of applying foundation.

Oily skin

A good foundation for oily skin must reduce sebum production. It is also important that it does not clog the pores, which will make it more difficult for your skin to breathe. Particularly good primers are those that have a soothing effect on your skin by treating blemishes. Your foundation will have a mattifying effect.

Combination skin

This is one of the most problematic complexions. Why? Mainly because it combines what is “negative” from both oily and dry skin. If you have combination skin, your T-zone is oily, while your cheeks are dry. Luckily, there are smart foundations for combination skin that will take care of dry areas with hydration and oily areas with a matte finish. BB creams also work well for combination skin.

Special skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Think about pigmented foundations, which do not clog pores and are therefore very easy on your skin. If you have vascular or acne-prone skin, it is a good idea to choose a high coverage foundation. However, make sure that the foundation does not contain yellow or green pigments, as these are responsible for hiding the red color!

Always the best result will be a trip to a good drugstore, where you can compare the best brands on your skin and get professional advice – but it’s good to know what to ask beforehand.


Main photo: Edward Berthelot / Contributor / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

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