Denim skirt in several ways. We suggest how to wear this item of clothing in different styles

Denim skirt in several ways. We suggest how to wear this item of clothing in different styles

The denim skirt is back in a big way. Just two years ago, this closet element was a little dingy, now it has become a hit again. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to wear it. Before you buy your dream model, learn the secrets of stylishly wearing this item of clothing. Here’s how to wear denim skirts now!

Denim skirts – a hit of the summer season!

Denim is characterized by the fact that it is extremely versatile. This item of clothing can be worn with practically anything. It also works wonderfully in summer styling. How to wear a skirt made of this fabric? There are several proven ways to do it, which will make you look really stunning and very stylish.

1. Denim total look, or denim skirt in the lead role

Some people associate the denim skirt with the cowgirl, why not use this as inspiration? How to create such a styling? Just choose matching denim pieces in the shade of classic denim. The best look is quite short skirts paired with a voluminous shirt of the same material. You can tuck it in and bet on a belt with a larger buckle. Completing the outfit will be interesting accessories and, of course, suede cowboy boots in a bright color. Opt for thongs and beads instead of classic jewelry. For bold fashion fans, a straw cowboy hat will work.

2. Crazy 90s!

In the 90s, denim skirts were very fashionable, and in different versions. You could really go wild and choose ultra-short versions or those with a maxi cut. How did celebrities wear them? At the time, they looked best with washed t-shirts with motorcycle prints or the logo of your favorite band, preferably rock, of course.

It’s worth slightly tweaking this look and adding a plaid shirt and sneakers, preferably longer, ankle-length ones. If you are so brave, in the evening put on a studded leather jacket, such a set will be very hot!

3. How about a skirt in a sporty version?

Jeans can also be worn in a sporty way, and this does not apply only to pants. High-waisted skirts complemented with a crop top with a sexy cutout look great. Match them with white sneakers, and throw a bomber jacket over the blouse. You will then look very interesting and girly. You can complete the look with a baseball cap and an ankle bracelet! Such an outfit is even made for spending time in nature, because it impresses with its comfort!

4. Denim in an elegant version

In addition to sporty styles, you can also bet on denim skirts in an elegant version. How to create such a look? This type of clothing item can be found in business styling. It looks great, and at the same time adds a touch of unforced casualness. Then, of course, pencil cuts with a length beyond the knee look best. Match them with colorful stilettos and a linen shirt, which you tuck into the skirt. It is worth remembering that the color of denim in this case should be as dark as possible, so that it directly relates to the elegant dress code.

5. Denim in a boho climate

The boho style has been loved by women all over the world. No wonder, it is airy, delicate and very comfortable. How to combine it with heavy denim? Just match it with loose, subtle shirts, of course, with beautiful lace trim. You can also bet on frills. Don’t forget about the shoes, the best look is sandals-chic sandals with beaded trim.

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