Fashionable eyebrow styling - what are the trends now and how to "translate" them to your arches yourself?

Fashionable eyebrow styling - what are the trends now and how to "translate" them to your arches yourself?

The eyebrows are a very important part of the face. That is why they are the key to make-up. Which arches are currently fashionable?

Eyebrow styling is very important. The hairs above the eyelids should not be allowed to grow “as they please”. Neglected eyebrows make us look unsightly. Therefore, their styling is essential. It is worth keeping up with the latest trends!

Fluffy brows are a real hit

As far as eyebrows are concerned, fluffy brows, i.e. full, emphasized and fluffy, reign supreme. The advantage of this style is undoubtedly that it is very versatile and suits almost every type of beauty. How to create nonchalantly disheveled yet well-defined eyebrows? First the hair needs to be combed thoroughly and then separated and smoothed. Fluffy brows are one of the trademarks of British singer Dua Lipa.

Skinny eyebrows – the favorite eyebrow style of stars

Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, and Naomi Cambell used to wear skinny eyebrows years ago. In recent seasons, thin eyebrows were considered kitsch but they are back in vogue and can be expected to stand up to disheveled hair. Bella Hadid is a firm believer in these arches and proves that they can look really modern and stylish. How do I create such eyebrows? Everything has to be perfect. Use tweezers or wax to carefully pluck out the hairs. If we are afraid that the arches could be uneven, it is worth using the help of a beautician. Thin eyebrows should always be perfectly aligned and smoothed.

Undone brows – easy, convenient and, as it turns out, fashionable!

Every woman complains that her eyebrows grow fast and she does not always have time to visit a beauty salon or stand in front of a mirror and remove hair on her own. Luckily, undone brows are in vogue this season. How does this look work? The answer is simple: nothing! This season, stylists give you full permission not to style or pluck your eyebrows. Let them grow freely and admire their natural beauty. After all, nature is in vogue right now!

Straight brows are still in vogue

Straight brows, as the name suggests, were a hit last autumn. This hairstyle appealed to so many women that it is still fashionable this year. There is no doubt that straight hairstyles look intriguing, original and stylish at the same time. Model Kendall Jenner is a big fan of this look. How do I do it? It may be quite difficult to do it yourself. First you need to draw the straight curves you want with a crayon. Then use tweezers or wax to pluck out any unwanted hairs. Some makeup artists, however, encourage you to first check if the straight brows suit you and then mask some of the arches with concealer before plucking them out.

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