Ideal spring handbag - which model to bet on?

Ideal spring handbag - which model to bet on?

A handbag – every woman has at least a few of them. It is not only useful, because you can carry various trinkets in it, but it also plays an important role in various stylizations. What model will be the best for spring?

Spring is the time when we hide thick sweaters and coats into the depths of the closet. It is also a perfect time to change your handbag. In winter most women rely on classic, black, usually leather bags. Luckily, spring is governed by different laws – you can afford a bit more colorful craziness and it also applies to the bag!

Baskets are a hit for spring and summer

They appeared last season and there is no doubt that they will be a hit this year as well. Baskets, as they are called, are handbags that have conquered the hearts of women all over the world. Whether handbag, belt, chain, braided, classic or richly decorated – the choice is huge. However, the most popular are smaller shoulder baskets. They are often lined with flowery material. They look great when combined with floral dresses, skirts, but they can also be worn with jeans and a T-shirt. The baskets add girlish charm to women and perfectly fit into the summer climate. 

Sachets in different colors

Postcases, or small bags, are also a great choice for spring. They are light, very practical and force the owner to take only the most necessary trinkets (they cannot hold more). They are perfect for a party, going out or a meeting with friends. Women also appreciate them for their comfort, as they can be worn diagonally over the shoulder and almost forget you have them. In the spring, however, it is worth giving up a classic black bag and bet on something in intense colors – for example, bright orange, trendy this season. Such accessories can perfectly emphasize our stylization and give it character. In spring it’s also worth reaching for bags with patterns, e.g. flowers, which also can’t be missing from our closet at this time of year. 

Large bags that can hold “everything and more”.

Large shoulder bags, which could successfully replace those for travel, will also be in vogue. Green, blue, orange, yellow – if not black. This color should be a bit forgotten in the spring. When choosing such a bag in an intense shade you need to think carefully about your styling. The point is not to get the effect of overwhelming and kitsch. The advantage of such a bag is that you can pack everything you want. 

Sack-shaped bags

Bags resembling a sack, on suspenders, belt or chain will be very popular this season. This is undoubtedly quite an interesting accessory, which allows you to create an original and distinctive look. It is a great choice for ladies who like to stand out from the crowd. The bag should be colorful, it can be made of colorful velvet. It will be perfect for work or for a meeting with friends. 

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