Maskne, or acne from a protective mask. How to deal with it?

Maskne, or acne from a protective mask. How to deal with it?

Protective masks have become an essential item that we always have with us when we want to leave the house. We have to cover our face with a piece of cloth while walking, shopping, and often also in the workplace. The obligation to cover the mouth and nose makes our skin is not in the best condition. Apart from micro trauma, our acne problems can also get worse. Check out what kind of skin care will make acne lesions from masque less visible

Maskne, or acne caused or aggravated by wearing a mask, is a common problem. Under the mask, as a result of breathing, there is heat and moisture, and these conditions are perfect for the development of bacteria and microorganisms. Prolonged or improper wearing of the mask can only worsen this situation. Check how to deal with this problem

Maskne – acne from the mask

Walking around in a mask causes more sebum, sweat, and dirt particles to accumulate around the mouth and nose. Especially in summer, when temperatures are high and we sweat more, the environment under a mask is particularly unfavorable for our complexion. In addition, we touch our face with our hands more often, which can also contribute to the formation of masks

Maskne is a combination of two English words “mask” and “acne”, meaning mask and acne. It occurs most often around the mouth, chin, jawline and on the chin

Wearing masks is very important because it makes you less likely to get infected or spread the virus to others. We cannot completely give up wearing masks, but it is worth taking special care of skin hygiene and cleanliness of hands. Keeping the skin clean under a mask is the most effective way to fight mascara. For this purpose, it is worth choosing products that have a two-phase effect – they not only cleanse the face, but also take care of its proper hydration. It is good to use cosmetics that in their composition have hyaluronic acid. This natural ingredient perfectly moisturizes the skin, but also restores its natural protective barrier. Additionally, try to avoid touching your face with dirty hands. Giving up makeup products that clog pores and leave your facial skin without proper hydration is also a good way to go


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