What shoes go with jeans? Here are the hottest combinations
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What shoes go with jeans? Here are the hottest combinations

Are you dreaming of wide-legged pants, but have no idea what type of footwear will go with them? Do you love mom jeans but don’t know how to feel feminine and sexy in them? The best way, is to try and experiment with different types of shoes. The fun of fashion is that there is no one right solution. We suggest what combinations will always look fashionable and stylish

Usually every woman has several pairs of jeans in her closet. These are pants which look great in casual stylizations and can be a sensational choice for an evening out. The character of the outfit is often determined by the shoes which we choose to match the clothes. Jeans combined with stiletto shoes are perfect as an outfit for a date or meeting with friends. When we match them with sneakers it will be a perfect proposition for a walk or shopping. The above examples show that matching shoes with jeans can be very important in creating a cohesive and stylish outfit. Find out which shoes go with which styles of jeans. You may find that you haven’t come up with this type of shoe to wear with your favorite jeans before

How do you mix jeans and boots?

  1. Wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans are an absolute must have for the coming season. These are the jeans most often seen at fashion shows and worn by fashionistas at fashion weeks. What shoes did the best-dressed girls in Europe and the USA combine them with? Wide-leg pants were often styled in such a way that the fabric touched the ground, so the shoes were almost invisible. In less fashionable circumstances, it is advisable to choose pants with slightly shorter legs, which will allow you to expose an interesting type of footwear. Wide leg jeans look sensational with boots, pumps on a square post, heavy glans or moccasins. In more formal circumstances, you can pair them with stilettos in a saturated color to make them a noticeable part of your outfit

  1. Mom jeans

Mom jeans are recently a favorite among many girls. This cut was a hit in the 90s, we can often see it, going back to episodes of “Friends” or “Beverly Hills, 90210”. This is a comfortable model of pants, which has been newly loved by women around the world. Characterized by high waist and ⅞ length, they can be matched with different shoes creating interesting fashionable combinations. Uncovered ankles look great with sneakers, espadrilles, platform sandals or boots with high tops

  1. Bell-bottoms

Denim bell-bottoms, beloved by hippies, are another denim trend that comes back after years in a refreshed version. These are jeans with flared legs that give the silhouette a slim look. What shoes go best with bell-bottoms? There are trendy cowboy boots, animal print stilettos, platform flip-flops and the summer hit, clogs. If you prefer streetwear styles, wear sports shoes with your bell-bottoms

  1. Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a style which looks as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend’s or big brother’s closet. It is a good idea to add feminine touches to this type of jeans. A great help in creating a unique look is to wear stilettos or pumps. This look is light and sensual, especially if you also turn up your trouser legs to show off your ankles. Stiletto sandals, heeled flip-flops or platform loafers are also great choices. For girls who like more sporty outfits, sneakers or tennis shoes are perfect with boyfriend jeans. A trendy combination, which always looks interesting, is to wear with jeans heavy boots, martens or boots with thick soles

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