How to choose an autumn coat for your figure?

How to choose an autumn coat for your figure?

A coat is the basis of every woman’s autumn closet. A comfortable and well-fitted trench coat is an investment for many years – this outer garment never goes out of fashion and works for many occasions. Today we suggest how to find your perfect coat, tailored to our figure.

How to choose a coat for autumn?

A coat is undoubtedly a must have for our autumn closet. It is comfortable, timeless, and on top of that it can add a touch of elegance to our styling, no matter what the occasion. That’s why it is so important to match it to our figure – then we will feel maximum comfort, and the proportions of our figure will not be disturbed.

Coat for autumn for an apple type figure

People whose figure is described as an apple, usually have a larger bust, a slight tire on the abdomen and slim legs. With this type of silhouette, boxy and trapezoidal coats, inspired by the aesthetics of the 1960s, will work best. Opt for a simple, single-breasted outer garment, necessarily with a deep navy neckline that will distract attention from the protruding belly.

Coat for autumn for a pear type figure

Pears usually own wide hips, from which they try to divert attention. To give the figure proper and even proportions, we need to shift the weight from the bottom of the figure, to the top. We will achieve this goal when we choose a coat with a wide and large collar. Widened shoulders and epaulettes will also work well.

Coat for autumn for a column type figure

Choosing the right coat for a person whose shoulders and hips are the same width is not at all difficult. Such a silhouette looks best in flared coats, which will emphasize the faintly visible waist. The whole will be complemented by a V neckline and a wide belt. Such a coat will help you create the illusion of a silhouette of ideal proportions.

Coat for autumn for an hourglass figure

If you are the lucky owner of an hourglass figure, you can afford to wear many cuts of coats, even the most extravagant ones. However, remember to always emphasize at least one asset of your figure, such as long legs, waist or slender neck. For an oversize down coat, put on a classic tube top, so you will not disturb your ideal proportions.

Coat for autumn for a cup type figure

The cup type figure is characterized by much wider shoulders than hips. In this case, the best choice will be those outer garments that do not fit the pear type figure. A classic and toned top and a wide, trapezoidal bottom are details in which the figure will look favorable.

Coat for autumn for a plus size figure

Slimming the silhouette with a coat? It is possible! Just choose an outer garment with a classic and minimalist cut. If you want to divert the eye from the shortcomings of the figure, bet on a coat in a distinctive color. A tie that is slightly above the waist line will also work well.

Coat for autumn for a short person

If, because of your short stature, you think that finding the perfect coat is impossible, we will lead you out of this mistake! Opt for lengths that reach to the knees at most. Also avoid wide collars and hoods, which will visually widen and shorten your figure. If you like and feel comfortable, put on high-heeled shoes that will add a few centimeters.

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