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Positioning your website on the web is the basic tool with the help of which you can increase its visibility on the web and thus also get a much higher number of hits. Many people forget about it, while losing the opportunity to earn a lot of money and achieve a high conversion rate. It is worth changing this. According to an interview with a Louisville SEO expert – the course of optimization of an online store is multistage and extremely demanding, which is why it is usually performed only by specialized interactive SEO agencies such as Denver SEO or Orlando SEO company with sufficient knowledge in the field of positioning and optimization. Positioning is particularly important for stores selling clothes, but is it that important as You need someone’s like a Louisville SEO expert help? Check this out!


Every fresh website lands at the bottom of the search results and usually stays there until the positioning is done. Google’s algorithm calculates a site’s rank for specific key phrases based on data obtained by Google’s robots, which are constantly visiting new sites and updating old content, so their data is relatively up-to-date. When analyzing each web page, the algorithm takes into account several hundred factors and parameters that define the position in one particular keyword. Positioning is all about meeting all the expectations of Google’s algorithm – admits Denver SEO market analytic, and optimizing your site for its requirements.

It comes down to three basic steps. The first is an SEO audit, where an SEO company can find out the state of your clothing store, the second is on-site activities, which involve optimizing your site for the search engine, and the third is off-site activities, which involve acquiring as many backlinks as possible.


Positioning in the case of clothing stores is the best weapon to fight against low popularity of the website, so if you are wondering how to effectively position a website on WordPress, it is essential to start by planning a keyword phrase strategy or contact Orlando SEO company well-known by their experience with WordPress CMS. When it comes to planning by Yourself however, phrases are single words or phrases that Internet users enter into the Google search box. This is how they search for answers to them. Not-so-good phrases are words like:

  • clothing,
  • clothes,
  • shoes.

In the case of these keywords, the Internet user may get a result somewhat related to his expectations, but it rarely happens. The phrase “clothes” can be typed both by an older man looking for an elegant suit, and a young girl who is looking for a dress from the latest designer collection. As a result, they quickly leave a given site and thus contribute to its lower ranking. Why? Orlando SEO company reminds – because Google’s algorithm monitors, for example, the time spent on a page and the rejection rate. It recognizes that if an Internet user who came to your site by typing the phrase “clothes” left after a few seconds, your site was not related to the key phrase. That is why it is worth using long-tail phrases, such as:

  • men’s fluffy clothing store,
  • ladies pink suits cheap
  • nike air max sneakers for men,
  • retro blue tube jeans.

Although these types of keywords generate a much smaller number of hits, it will definitely be more valuable traffic. The internet user will get exactly what he is looking for and in this way is very likely to make a final purchase.


Crew of Denver SEO agreed – Definitely yes! Today’s customers use Google to search for clothing or other products, as the e-commerce market is increasing its share across the country every year. Customers appreciate the ease of shopping, effective legal protection, and the ability to directly compare prices from different suppliers. What does this mean? That it is definitely worth fighting for the best possible position in the Google search engine.


Louisville SEO expert answers the first question you should ask yourself at the very beginning of positioning is what plugins should be installed for an online store on WordPress. On the market you will find hundreds of thousands of plugins that extend the functionality of your clothing store and increase the chances of sales, but there are also those that worsen the results in Google. These include, above all, programs for pop-ups and displaying commercial information, or plug-ins for automatic video playback or even ones that automatically add another related product to a potential customer’s shopping cart. It is worth betting on plugins, for example, for chat, so that you can answer various questions of customers or plugins for easier positioning on your own.

main photo: Hannes Edinger/pixabay.com

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  • Jasper Black 17.08.2022

    When it comes to positioning an online clothing store, it is especially important to use the right keywords. As you said, it’s worth using long-tail phrases in this case. Thanks to this, Search Engine Optimization will allow you to achieve better results. The main advantage of online store positioning is the ability to increase website traffic. This, in turn, contributes to better sales results. In fact, an online store could not exist without positioning. This is actually the only way to become visible online.

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