Forget about the tube jeans! This year oversize jeans rule - check out how to style them!

Forget about the tube jeans! This year oversize jeans rule - check out how to style them!

For a long time tube jeans were extremely fashionable – they highlighted all the assets of the figure, but also its shortcomings. Of course, it was best if they had an extra elevated top, which made the legs appear longer. Now we put these pants back in the closet and bet on something wide. In fact, the wider the pants, the better. Check out what models are being worn now!

The most fashionable pants, or wear wide

Pants that reign supreme this season and have effectively eliminated the tight tube are loose cuts. There is a whole lot of them, so you can opt for something very wide, such as seamed trousers, which, like bells, have a wide leg, but begin to widen at hip level. On the other hand, for those who prefer softer versions, there are just bellbottoms, which look great when combined with sneakers. Such a combination is a hit. However, that’s not all. After all, there is a mass of various other cuts that fit into the current fashion. Intermediate versions are regular, that is, pants that fit virtually any figure. They are characterized by a higher waist and a completely straight leg. In summer, on the other hand, for sandals and flip-flops, cullots, which, like the seam, are very wide, but end at calf height, look great. As a rule, they are made of airy, breathable material. For those who appreciate an elegant look, chinos, which are simply a looser version of cigarillos, will certainly work. You can choose a cropped version or a completely straight cut. We can’t forget about cargo pants, either, as well as the returning in a big way militia pants. Both of these models are characterized by wide legs and pockets at knee height. The difference is that cargoes at the ankle are finished with a welt, while combat boots remain straight. It is worth having them in your closet, preferably in the hit color of moro. Boyfriend pants were inspired by women who put on men’s pants, often even borrowing them from their boyfriend – hence their name. So they have a loose fit, a lowered crotch, wide legs and often a low rise. They look really stylish, even with a smart oversize shirt, blazer and stilettos. They are sure to appeal to any fashion fanatic. We should also not forget about slouchy pants, which are also distinguished by their loose leg, but have a high waist and slightly taper at the bottom. They are certainly extremely comfortable, but are recommended rather for women who do not have a strongly defined hip line and are rather tall.

The fashion of the 90s and 2000s is making a big comeback. This can be seen both in clothes, makeup, hairstyles and accessories. Everyone these days is inspired a little by the style of their youth or what their mother once wore. This teaches us that fashion, as always, comes full circle, and it’s worth leaving good quality gems in one’s closet to give to a daughter or granddaughter in the future!

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